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August 2013

August’s EEG Meeting

The August meeting of the Essex Egyptology Group was a change from the usual format. Instead of a guest speaker we had four 10 minute talks from members of the group (there should’ve been 5 talks, but sadly one didn’t happen for technical reasons). Janet Brewer started us off & gave us a brief biography of François Auguste Ferdinand Mariette, who was an early Egyptologist. His reputation is of someone who worked too fast, on too much, with inadequate records – but Janet argued that he was no worse than his contemporaries, and may’ve been better than alternatives at the time. I was next – I talked about J & my visit to the Neues Museum (which I wrote about here). If you want to see the talk, J videoed it & it’s up online here. Tilly Burton told us about spinning and weaving. As with many things about the… Read More »August’s EEG Meeting