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January 2015

Egypt Holiday 2014: Temples and Tombs (Overview: 14th-17th November)

Panorama of the Red Pyramid Back in November 2014 John and I went on our second ever holiday to Egypt – the previous one had been five years earlier. It had been a bit of a saga getting to go because we’d booked on two different trips (which were cancelled because of restrictions on travel) before we finally got to go. The official name of the trip we went on was “Daughters of Isis” but I thought “Temples and Tombs” summed it up a bit better (if rather less snappily) particularly as the itinerary had to change from the original one (again because of restrictions) so it was a bit less focussed on Isis or women in Egypt. It was run by Ancient World Tours who I would thoroughly recommend. They’re rather pricey but you get very very well looked after during the trip. Our Egyptian guide was Medhat Saad… Read More »Egypt Holiday 2014: Temples and Tombs (Overview: 14th-17th November)

Egypt Holiday 2014: Temples and Tombs (Index)

Luxor Temple at Sunset I’m writing several posts about our Egypt holiday last year, so I thought an index might be helpful 🙂 It took me a while to decide on a plan for the posts – I thought about grouping things by theme or Pharaoh, for instance. But in the end I decided simplicity was best, and I have done an overview (in 3 posts) and then each site separately in (mostly) chronological order of when we visited them. I’ll be adding links as I (write and) publish the posts. Posts Overview Post 1 Overview Post 2 Overview Post 3 Cairo Museum Giza Plateau Dashur Lahun Hawara Dimai Desert Qasr el Sagha Karanis Luxor Temple Seti I Temple at Abydos Ramesses II Temple at Abydos Hathor Temple at Dendara Karnak Temple Temple of Mut Theban Tombs of Nobles Ramesseum Valley of the Kings Walk from the Valley of the… Read More »Egypt Holiday 2014: Temples and Tombs (Index)